Here’s Another Chance to Weigh In on the FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal

The Federal Communications Commission is once again seeking comment on its repeal of its Obama-era net neutrality rules. But the new comment period isn’t focused on the usual issues that underpin the net neutrality debate, such as blocking or throttling content. Instead, it will focus on less-noticed aspects of the agency’s decision with regards to […]

Ammunition x Gantri Lamp Collection Illuminates 3D Printing’s Benefits

The proliferation of 3D printing technology has made a whole world of physical objects instantly accessible. Anything you want can be materialized before your eyes with the press of a button. Even though he’s equipped with that sort of unlimited possibility, Ian Yang just wants to make a nice lamp. Yang is the founder and […]

Flying Car Developers Get a Boost From the Air Force

Though the visions laid out by the developers of new electric vertical-lift aircraft have been fairly mundane so far—air taxis, cargo delivery—it was a matter of time before someone started sexing up those flying car fantasies. How soon before they appear in a Bond film? When will the military get its mitts on them? Though […]

The Right to Repair Will Help Us Endure Outbreaks

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience lately. Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, carrying with it supply chain disruptions and fear. My iFixit purchasing team has been trapped in Taiwan since January, waiting for the all clear to go back to work in our Chinese supply chain. The S&P 500 just suffered its quickest correction […]

When Fintech App Robinhood Goes Offline Amid a Market Plunge

It was lights out again at Robinhood on Monday. For the second Monday in a row, and the third time in a week, the millennial-friendly stock trading app went down as the markets swooned over coronavirus fears. Robinhood hasn’t yet said what the exact issue is this time around. But for the previous outages, it […]

Data Sharing and Open Source Software Help Combat Covid-19

On February 27, a teenager in the Seattle area was diagnosed with Covid-19. Shortly after, researchers at the Seattle Flu Study shared genomic data about his strain of the virus with other researchers on an “open science” site. Armed with that data, researchers involved with a second open science project determined that the teenager’s strain […]

Ariana Grande Is a Much-Needed Voice of Reason on Covid-19

On Sunday afternoon, a few hours before President Donald Trump held a press conference to announce that the Federal Reserve had cut interest rates and request that Americans stop stockpiling food and supplies to prepare for coronavirus because “we’re doing great; it all will pass,” and six hours before former vice president Joe Biden and […]

Chloroquine May Fight Covid-19—and Silicon Valley’s Into It

(Johns Hopkins did not return a request for comment; a spokesperson for Stanford Medical School emails: “Stanford Medicine, including SPARK, wasn’t involved in the creation of the Google document, and we’ve requested that the author remove all references to us. In addition, Gregory Rigano is not an advisor with Stanford School of Medicine and no […]

We’re Not Going to Run Out of Food—so Don’t Panic Shop

Of the many ways in which the novel coronavirus has changed American life, one of the most peculiar has been the traditional trip to the grocery store. For many families, the weekly or biweekly errand has turned into a nightmarish waiting game, peppered by acute fears of infection. Lines of panicked shoppers, armed with shopping […]

This Week’s Cartoons: Screens, Robot Pets, and Getting Offline

Friday, March 27, 2020. By Lars Kenseth, with Until playdates return to our lives, here are eight phone games to help you (or your kids) stay entertained at home. more explanation use this link a knockout post best site blog here her explanation discover this info here he has a good point check my […]